Why you should use MobyNow

Regain control of the online conversation

The real-time technology platform aggregates updates from social sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the blogosphere, but most importantly it funnels the traffic from shared postings to the publishers website.

Dramatically increases traffic

This funnel changes the way people end up on the platform. When the editors of The Next Web use Mobypicture to share their adventures with their friends on all their social sites their friends end up viewing the pictures and videos on The Next Web blog instead of on sites like Twitpic or Yfrog.

Use 1000 Moby enabled apps

You can share content on MobyNow using one of the thousand Mobypicture enabled apps and services. The Next Web can of course enrich these pages with their latest blogposts and other features, regaining control.

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MobyNow in action

We already regain the online conversation for:

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